Quality of Displays

The quality of the displays we produce is unparalleled.

We procure only the highest quality of components for the displays we manufacture, and we consistently use industry-standard water sealing and heat diffusion systems

for best-in-the-world display longevity, while still accommodating bright, crisp, and high-impact advertisements and messages.



Epistar LEDs

We use real Epistar LEDs in the population of our display panels. Epistar LEDs have a long-held reputation for being very stable. They're also known for their color warmth, 100,000-hour reliability, and super high brightness.

Build Quality

The key to building a great, long-lasting LED Display is the incorporation of quality materials and components from the beginning. Eliminating moisture and heat from the outset ensures future construction efforts won't yield any opportunity for the degradation of the sign going forward.



Sealing Process

The LEDs, integrated circuit boards, capacitors, resistors, terminal blocks, and every variety of connector are mounted onto the main circuit board and soldered. Then, we encapsulate both the front and back of each panel with a top of the line 3M product that locks out moisture and draws the heat away from the main board.

Cabinet Construction

We attach our panels to our powder coated outer cabinet via front-access positive friction locks. Our surround silicone seal eliminates the last vestiges of possibilities for the entry of moisture or weather interference by way of rain, snow, or wind.

Additionally, this method of construction accomodates what we call Hot Swapping: the ability for panels to be changed out while the sign is running for lightning-fast repairs.