Included Software

Included Software

Our LED Displays include a laptop that can be used by our remote technical support staff to serve a variety of tasks;

it also comes pre-loaded with professional-grade message creation programs and over four thousand still- and video-backgrounds for the creation of ads,

pre-made holiday messages, and pre-made messages we supply to our clients upon purchase so that a client's LED Display

is up and running with content their business will benefit from the moment it goes on-line.

We also provide lifetime web-based training and support for the creation of messages with the following included programs:


Cyberlink Power Director

Power Director allows the creation of high quality video content, including the creation of video advertisements.

This allows our clients to dramatically bolster the impact of their advertising campaigns through dynamic and interesting moving content, including actual videos, animated text that grabs the attention of passerby, and high quality dynamic transitions.

Between Power Director and the vast pre-made content we include with the software package, there will never be a time when you can't surprise and intrigue your audience with your display.