What is an LED?

This is the pixel pitch of the shown display. The pixel pitch is the distance between the centers of two pixels.

What are pixels?

Pixels are the individual red, green, and blue lights on the face of an LED sign. Between those three colors, our pixels can make up any one of 4.7 trillion colors each, meaning a display filled with such pixels is a full color display.

What is a matrix?

A matrix is what you call the rows and columns of pixels on LED Displays. The larger the number of pixels per square foot, the higher the resolution of the display; the higher the resolution of the display, the more clear it is up close.

Why is brightness important?

The brighter the LED is, the better you can see it during the day. However, if an LED Display is too bright after sundown, passerby can have trouble clearly viewing it. To fix this issue, all of our displays have automatic brightness sensors that adjust the brightness down dynamically at night, and bring it back up during the day-- without requiring any further input by our clients.

What is the life expectancy of an LED?

The average life expectancy of an LED is 100,000 hrs of on-time (or 11.4 years).

How do I make a good message?

Say what needs to be said in as concise a matter as possible, and make sure the message will be readable from the road: ensuring that the colors contrast (but don't use red on green or vice versa, because that is a common pair of colors colorblind people cannot distinguish), the lettering is clear, and that the message stays on the display for long enough for people to read (but not so long that they only read one message).

What images should I use on my LED Display?

Images with clear contrast and easy to distinguish figures like people or products work well. It's also important for clarity to ensure that the picture's aspect ratio (width by height) roughly matches that of your sign, otherwise images will come out stretched or crunched and distorted. Give us a call if you have further questions about how to format images.

What makes people most likely to look at and see my message?


Using the included package with thousands of video backgrounds to ensure that there is always something moving on your display is a surefire way to make people take a peek. The software we include, PowerDirector, also includes text transitions to ensure that even if the background is still, there can be something moving. If you're especially invested in getting the most out of your LED Display, we can teach you how to make images pan gently across the display when you're showing them, so that every single thing you put on your display has movement and catches eyes.